A new chapter! Wohooo~~

With a little free time, I managed to finish this chapter very quickly. As I mentioned previously, there’s only one more chapter that has cleans and translation, so after that one is finished, God knows when I’ll have the next one up. T____T

I’m going to be traveling extensively this coming July and August, so hopefully I’ll get the other chapter done before that. *fingers crossed*

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Hey guys,

Since I’ve received couple of e-mails wondering about the status of the chapters, and who were also worried whether we’re dropping or continuing the series, I realized that I need to update you, readers, on that, too.

Have no fear, as we’re still continuing the series, since we basically have around one volume left. Not a lot left, but as I previously mentioned, I have no people to help me out on the series, and since I’m swamped at work these last few weeks, I couldn’t find time and release any of the chapters that an old member of ours cleaned before they left. That said, my work will keep me busy for another week or two, so expect a chapter after that.

I apologize for the very long delay, but please be mindful of my situation and that I’m trying my best.

Thank you for understanding!

Newish stuff

Hey everyone!

I’m a day late in publishing this, but yesterday our fellow admin had a birthday! I got a bad stomachache yesterday, so I was out the entire day, and didn’t get a chance to post this on time. :/ Sorry, sorry. (◎ノ´з`)ノ
Now, let’s wish  a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!  We hope you had a wonderful celebration, and got lots of presents  I hope you will continue smiling for many years to come. ^^

shinsengumiswishesNow, unfortunately since we lack 1) Translators 2) Typesetters 3) Staff in general, we can only bring you one chapter today. But fear not, the next three chapters are currently being by our hardworking TSer, so they should come out very soon, too. After that, well… we just need you guys to help us out! D:

Off to the chapter~

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Here’s chapter 75~ :)

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Hope you enjoy this next chapter! Be prepared for more squealing~ :3

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If you are a translator, typesetter, or cleaner– we need your help! Faster releases requires more manpower to help get the chapter from start to finish. For more information head on over to the recruitment section of the forums over here.

More chapters coming soon! ^o^


Here’s the next chapter guys!

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Here’s the final chapter of the three chapters we had lined up ready for you guys~ But don’t worry we are making progress on the next few chapters, though you may have to sit tight– maybe reread the manga to take up the time while the next few chapters are worked on:)

If you’d like to help with this project, any translators, cleaners, typesetters, etc. would be handy right now! You can check out the recruitment section of our forums here for further information on recruitment!

Whether or not you are able to help with the project, you could always join the forums and chat with staff and others on the forum as well! :)

And now, without further ado, here are the links for chapter 74!

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Chapter 73 Awaits You!

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Are you excited? Really excited? I hope you’re are haha, cause like always– this chapter’s a good one! Bet at the end of it you’ll be dying for the next release :DD

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Thank you all for the continuous support!