Starting over

Here we are again with another release for this year. In advance I apologize for the over-leveling of the pages. I hope you can ignore that part. We had so many cleaners switch and go and come back, and go again, and bits by bits were done here and there, so it ended up like this. 

The next two chapters are also cleaned, so that leaves only one chapter left to clean. Won’t be a problem. ^^ Now that I’ve completely quit my job and finished my master studies, I will have more time to focus on the remaining chapters (this freedom is what I needed in order to finish all of this). I’m hoping I can release the next chapter within the next two weeks, so fingers crossed. (:

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Hello, everyone~

A lot of you must be very angry with me with delaying the releases nearly a year, but I did have lots of problems along the way, and though I don’t want to make any excuses, I just want you all to know that I’m thankful for sticking around and still loving our releases.

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Sorry for the late notice but the releases will continue in September. Summer has been really busy, so here was zero time for working on the chapters. Please be patient a little bit more.

Thank you for sticking with us all this time~


Believe it or not, here I am back with you guys once more and this time it’s to deliver a chapter. ^^

I’ve been trying for months now to recruit people on various sites. I’ve had in the past couple of months 8 people apply for the cleaner position, out of which only one is still replying to my emails. Everyone else offered to help and after I sent a couple of pages to check their editing skills they just simply disappeared. I’ve also had 2 additional people apply for the translator position, and then after my reply back, they also disappeared. Bringing my hopes up for nothing. ( ˃̣̣̥ω˂̣̣̥ ) Stop doing that, everyone. (੭ ˃̣̣̥ ㅂ˂̣̣̥)੭ु

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New game

I apologize everyone, once again. I thought I will have time to do the other chapter before my travels, but I couldn’t make it happen. I QCed the chapter today, and I had a little help from one new typesetter. Oh, also because I got tired of waiting here at the website, I opened up topics on MangaUpdates and Batoto to get more people in. Luckily I did that, because I got one email already from a very nice girl who is willing to translate the remaining 5 chapters. Now my biggest problem is finding someone to clean the volume. I have no problems in helping with everything else, but cleaning is too time consuming for me, and free time is definitely something I lack this past year or two.

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A new chapter! Wohooo~~

With a little free time, I managed to finish this chapter very quickly. As I mentioned previously, there’s only one more chapter that has cleans and translation, so after that one is finished, God knows when I’ll have the next one up. T____T

I’m going to be traveling extensively this coming July and August, so hopefully I’ll get the other chapter done before that. *fingers crossed*

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Hey guys,

Since I’ve received couple of e-mails wondering about the status of the chapters, and who were also worried whether we’re dropping or continuing the series, I realized that I need to update you, readers, on that, too.

Have no fear, as we’re still continuing the series, since we basically have around one volume left. Not a lot left, but as I previously mentioned, I have no people to help me out on the series, and since I’m swamped at work these last few weeks, I couldn’t find time and release any of the chapters that an old member of ours cleaned before they left. That said, my work will keep me busy for another week or two, so expect a chapter after that.

I apologize for the very long delay, but please be mindful of my situation and that I’m trying my best.

Thank you for understanding!